#39 Pull Your Finger Out

On this episode, we are joined by the amazing Craig Harper.


I’ve been following Craig since I began my journey in the health and fitness industry almost 18 years ago. He has helped to shape me into the coach I am today. It is therefore an absolute privilege to share with our listeners today this episode where I get to unpack so many of the great things I’ve learnt from Craig.


On this podcast:


  • How does Craig get paid to do what he loves?
  • Take the thing that you are passionate and curious about and turn it into something you can make a living from.
  • Craig has always been interested in how people think and human performance
  • Craig was involved in gyms for 32 years
  • He realised it was not a body issue that was stopping people from achieving the health they wanted
  • He began to help people to create the space to gain more self-awareness
  • His audience relate to his no nonsense approach
  • Craig is renowned and loved for giving people the kick up the bum they need to pull their finger out
  • The enlightenment ladder
  • The story of the monk who climbs the mountain
  • Our constant challenge is our humanness
  • Being present, of service, and giving value rather than being caught up on our own shit
  • It’s not about external validation and approval
  • What drives Craig is who he is and who he’s becoming
  • The ongoing challenge is how to help people to help themselves
  • Be a resource in other people’s space that helps them get where they want to go
  • Is helping people about becoming a marketing guru?
  • Do people need to hit rock bottom before they take action
  • There’s a big difference between wanting to be different and being willing to take action and do the work now
  • The big question is “Are they willing to get uncomfortable?”
  • Work, discomfort, self awareness, humility, hard work consistently for an extended period of time
  • Craig gets paid well by corporate clients to follow his passion of reaching large groups of people
  • Working with addicts to overcome long held bad habits
  • Do you have to have been an addict to help an addict?
  • What doe Craig mean by us having an internal sat nav?
  • What matters, what is right, what is important for us to live up to
  • What is success, really?
  • Jarrod’s metaphor for the home and his upcoming book, The SuperFamily Plan around the concept.
  • Using metaphors to teach and make things memorable
  • Be relatable, stand out
  • Express our uniqueness and communicate in a way that builds communication
  • The story of the hill
  • When we are different, life is different
  • Craig’s upcoming workshops – pull your finger out and get to one!


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