#37 Freedom From Addiction

Do you have an addiction that is impacting your relationship with the people you care most about? Is it impacting your work and finances? Is it affecting your physical and mental health?


Why do people do things that they don’t want to do?


Is it a lack of impulse control?


Is it related to self-worth?


Is it a force of habit?


Has the addiction become part of their identity?


Today we are joined at SuperDad HQ by my good friend Jeremy Walker. He is a qualified hypnotherapist and Demartini Method expert who has worked tirelessly to support many of our SuperDads Online members since it all began back in 2016.
Jeremy has helped thousands of people over the years through his private practice on the Northside of Brisbane. He has just released a new book sharing his wisdom and experience, aptly titled, Freedom From Addictions – A Hypnotherapists Guide To Overcoming Addictions and Compulsions.


On this episode:


  • Just because we’re Dads, it doesn’t mean we are all free having addictions and compulsions come back to bite us.
  • Does judgement play a role in reinforcing addictions?
  • The heavy emotions of guilt and regret
  • Are there benefits to addictions?
  • Are there other ways to receive those benefits?
  • What habits are we role modelling to our kids?
  • What is hypnotherapy?
  • Why is Jeremy so passionate about working with the subconscious mind?
  • How can we overcome an addiction without using willpower?
  • Stress and it’s role in our life.
  • Stress is there to get us to take some sort of action or get perspective on something going on in our life.
  • What would it be like if you dealt with the stresses in your life instead of trying to escape your problems with addictions?
  • When intense feelings come up, they should not be dealt with using substances.
  • On a bad day we need to learn to look after ourselves better.
  • We need to treat ourselves with kindness on bad days.
  • Jarrod talks about his addictive tendency.
  • How does our identity get create and what power do we have to change it?
  • Jeremy educates us on the Walker Addiction Removal Process
  • A person is not their addiction.
  • Your true identity is unlimited potential.
  • At what age and how should we broach the subject of drugs with our kids?
  • You want to be the first point of contact in making them aware about drugs.
  • Aim to give excessive education rather than excessive threats.
  • Have a balanced opinion that keeps communication open with our children.
  • Give them the truth so they don’t have to find out for themselves.
  • Food addiction and how it is created in us as kids.
  • Why is healthy food the challenging things and the reward the unhealthy food?
  • Are our kids bribing US with sugar?
  • Strategies for a healthier home.
  • What is a parent goal?
  • What steps can someone take who is feeling guilty, embarrassed, ashamed, afraid to talk to those around them about their addictions?
  • What do I get out of the addiction and how can I satisfy those needs in other ways?


Get your copy of Jeremy’s new book, Freedom From Addiction here: https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1130843241


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